Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Invention Convention details

CALLING ALL INVENTORS!!!    Invention Convention - April 28, 2012
The Invention Convention inspires students to create and problem solve while developing inventions. It differs from science fairs in that the focus of the curriculum is to recognize simple to complex problems that individuals face everyday and follow them through the process of creating solutions to them.  This year, Menlo Park may register a maximum 4 students for this event
Specific information about the contest and what is involved in preparing for it can be found on the Invention Convention website ( I suggest that parents of interested students read through the evaluation guidelines ( to see what will be expected of students to help them decide whether they want to take part.
After reading through the guidelines, if your child is interested in participating, please email Karen Peacock at  You will then be provided with the next steps for your child to try and earn a spot in the competition.  

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