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MPA Weekly Update - 1/31/13

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Dates to Remember
Shop with Scrips
Authentic Writing
MPA Directory
Science Fair
Third Trimester Electives
Lego Olympiad
Student Council Elections
You Be the Chemist
Quiz Night
Math Night
FYI: Dates to Remember

2/8 - Friday - MS Science Fair workshop after school
2/9 - Saturday - Quiz Night
2/15-18 - Friday/Monday - no school for students
2/22 - Friday - MS Science Fair workshop after school
2/23 - Saturday - Menlo Park Family Night/Monsters Hockey Game
2/28 - Thursday - End of trimester
3/1 - Friday - NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS (teacher in-service)
3/6 - Wednesday - Invention Convention
3/7 - Thursday - Chemistry Competition, 6pm
3/9 - Saturday - Destination Imagination
3/14 - Math Night for K-4th grade
4/12 - Friday - Lego Olympiad
4/26 - Friday - Spelling Bee
4/27 - Saturday - State Chemistry Challenge
Welcome Back, Mrs. Wilson!

This week marked the end of Mrs. Wilson's maternity leave, and she is gradually getting back in the swing of things.  If you need to contact the office, leave a message regarding sick days or transportation of your child, or other "office" information, please address this to Mrs. Wilson.
Kudos go out to Julie Kovalik, who so ably subbed in the office during Mrs. Wilson's leave.  Thanks for all of your hard work and organization, Mrs. Kovalik!  You did a great job!
Shop with Scrips Sunday by 7pm 
We're back.  Remember to order this Sunday by 7 PM to ensure delivery for next Thursday's folder.  And thank you to those who supported scrip during the break by using ScripNow & PrestoPay.
Make sure to
to learn about the current offers that earn additional funds for our school.   
Log your volunteer hours online 

Your time is appreciated! Please log your current volunteer hours online, either on the netbook near the sign-in at school, or at home.  We are not using the paper logs to record your hours anymore - all hours MUST be entered into the computer if you want credit for them!

Any hours you put in the paper log over the summer or earlier this year WILL be entered for you - you just need to enter your CURRENT hours.
Weekly Update - 1/31/13
Quick Links
Authentic Writing 
 A School Wide Valentine Project
Over the next several weeks, students in all grade levels will be participating in a letter writing project. Teachers will introduce formal letter writing format and set up writing centers in their classrooms.  All students have been partnered up with a writing buddy to send a letter to but are encouraged to send letters to as many people as they like.  Student Council will place mailboxes on each floor and beginning Wednesday, February 6, they will deliver letters to classrooms during Advisory/Homeroom. 
Parents are encouraged to participate as well.  Drop mail to students or staff in the mailbox located near the main office and it will be delivered for you.  Feel free to encourage your children to write at home.  Please be sure to include on the envelope:
  • Full Student Name
  • Grade
  • Homeroom/Advisory Teacher 

If you have any of the following items around the house that you would like to donate to this project, we would love to use them!

Glitter Pens
Stampers and Stamp Pads
MPA Parent Directory
The MPA Parent Directory is finished and available for anyone who would like a copy. It can be obtained by sending a request to You MUST include:

Your name
Your child's name and grade
Your current e-mail address
Your current phone number
Requests that do not include ALL of the above information will not be honored nor replied to. By requesting a copy of the directory, you agree to the following Terms of Use:

Menlo Park Academy  
reserves the right to suspend access privileges to any member of the school community who does not use the information contained in the directory in a responsible manner.

Menlo Park Academy does not assume responsibility for, or guarantee the accuracy of, information contained in the directory.

Once your information is verified, you will receive an e-mail with a pdf copy of the directory.

This directory is for official Menlo Park Academy
use and for individual communication of a personal nature between members listed therein. Use of the directory for any other purpose, including but not limited to, reproducing and storing in a retrieval system by any means, electronic or mechanical, photocopying or using the addresses or other information contained in this directory for any private, commercial or political communication is strictly prohibited and is in direct violation of copyright and constitutes misappropriation of property.
2011-2012 Yearbooks Arrive
Check Your Thursday Folder
If you ordered a yearbook for the 2011-2012 school year, they were sent home this Thursday. If you did not receive one and feel you should have, please email Ms. Wilson.
Numerous organizational glitches delayed this highly anticipated yearbook.  A huge heap of thanks to Kelly Fortune-Somerville who  pulled this together as well as coordinating our current yearbook (which will come out before the school year ends).  Be on the look out for information regarding sales of the 2012-2013 yearbook in next week's newsletter.
Students may bring their yearbooks in for signing on Monday and Tuesday of next week. 
Science Fair Wrap-Up

Congratulations go out to all of our budding scientists in grades 2, 3, and 5-8.  Our science fair was a great success, with lots of interesting and thought-provoking displays.  Special recognition goes out to the following students, who received awards for their grade levels:

5th Grade
1st - Logan C.
2nd - Gil H., Milana M. and Lexi S.
3rd - Manus McC., Miles M. and Jacob D.
Honorable Mention - Matthew  H., Sam P., Danny A., Asia G-H., Aidan I. and Alexx W.

6th Grade
1st - Hector C.
2nd - Olivia M. and Carolyn H.
3rd - Sparsh B., Isabel V. and Kaela R.
Honorable Mention - Patrick O.,  Sarah M-M., Kathleen O.

7th Grade
1st - Dylan Z.
2nd - Emily C. and Gannon I.
3rd - Kenny M., Nell S., Delilah S.
Honorable Mention - Ian O., Sophia R., Deirdre O.

8th Grade
1st - Marika O.
2nd - Shannon L.
3rd - Ben Z. and Mason B.

Thanks go out to all the teachers and volunteers who made this event a success.  We couldn't have done it without you!
Third Trimester Elective
Volunteers Needed
Thank you to Coordinators Jenn Ingraham and the Carr Family!
MPA's second trimester ends February 28th, which means it's time to start organizing the electives that will be offered during the third trimester.  Jenn Ingraham is stepping down after many successful trimesters of running electives.  Thank you so much Jenn!  This trimester, Mr. & Mrs. Carr have graciously agreed to coordinate.  
If you would be interested in leading or assisting with an elective for any grade level during our final trimester, please contact Jeanne Carr at and let her know.  Electives will be held onThursdays from 2:15-3pm for K-1, Mondays from 2:15-3pm for grades 2-3, and Fridays from 1:15-2pm and 2-3pm for grades 4-8.  Be a part of what makes our school so different and so great - all while earning volunteer hours! 
Lego Olympiad 
Volunteer organizer needed
We're still looking for a volunteer to coordinate MPA's involvement in the Lego Olympiad, which will be held Friday, April 12th.  As the Lego Olympiad coordinator, you'd help get information about the event out to families of prospective participants, collect all of the registration forms and make sure they get turned in on time, and help inspire our participants to greatness.  Skill with Legos is NOT necessary - we need a project manager, not a builder!  This volunteer opportunity can largely be done from home.
If you would be interested in running this important project,contact Mrs. B-W right away.
Student Council Election Results   
All student council candidates did an amazing job of preparing and speaking publickly to the student body about their desire to lead.  Their passion and thoughtful remarks were impressive to say the least!  Thanks go out to all the students who ran for office, including Peyton B., Matthew H., Dylan Z., Marlee K., Janna J., Logan C., Lexi H., and Lily M. 

Without further ado, here are the winners of this year's elections:
 - President: Kaela R.
 - Vice President: Aria S.
 - Treasurer: Asia G-H.
 - Secretary: Rhiannon B.
Congratulations to all of you - we look forward to seeing the great things you can accomplish this year!
You Be the Chemist Challenge   
Open to students in grades 5-8   

 Park Academy middle school students have been invited to compete in the first Cleveland area You Be The Chemist Challenge.  This competition is for students in 5th through 8th grade and is a quiz bowl style competition.  Students can study independently
through the online study guide and we are planning to hold a couple of group study session.  Please see the attached flyerfor additional information.  Contact Dawn Watson at with any questions and to register your student.  All students must be registered by Feb. 6th. 
MPA Quiz Night at Brennan's 
Tickets are still available!
What's fun, delicious, surprising, challenging, and potentially rewarding?  MPA's second annual Quiz Night, of course!
Don't have enough people gathered to make a full team?  Not to worry!  We'll match you up with additional players to make sure each team has a good chance at winning the gold.
Tickets can be purchased online or through cash or check payment.  Don't wait until the last minute - form your teams and register today!
Got Pi? 
Volunteers and pies needed for K-4 Math Night, 3/14/2013
MPA's K-4 Math Night is on Pi Day, Thursday, March 14, 2013, at 6:30 p.m. Activities will include fun and interactive math-related puzzles and games, including Math Fishing, Math Cornhole, MPA Math Jeopardy, a written pi recitation contest, and much more! We are lucky to have Math Monkey Cleveland ( again as a sponsor of some of our activity stations! 
  •  We are looking for VOLUNTEERS to help out that evening, including setting up beforehand, during the event (manning activity stations and other tasks), and cleaning up afterward. 
  • We are also looking for parents who can donate PIES (for eating, not for an activity!) for the event. 
  • Finally, we are seeking a sponsor for special Math Night T-SHIRTS so if anyone knows of a business who may be able to help with that, let me know! 
If you can help with volunteering, pies, or a T-shirt sponsor referral, or need more info, please contact Latha at LMS54321 AT gmail DOT com. Thank you!
Young Authors event 
Looking for "celebrity" volunteer readers
Young Authors Week will be held in May this year, and we're hoping to do something a little new during this week-long celebration of writing.  Do you know any "celebrities?" Maybe a policeman, fireman, doctor, athlete, radio or television personality, or writer?  We'd love to have them come in to school as a Celebrity Guest Reader sometime during the week.  If you have any ideas for someone you think would be interested in such an activity, please pass their contact information on to Mrs. B-W.

We're also hoping that one of our MPA families can help us get a collection of writing published this year.  If you own (or know someone who owns) a printing business or other publishing company, please contact Mrs. B-W.  We'd greatly appreciate it!
Information can be submitted via email to: for review and inclusion in the weekly update. Submissions are subject to Director approval.

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