Friday, May 20, 2011

SPIRIT WEEK is Coming!!! May 23-27

It’s time to ditch your uniform & show your school spirit! Come to school dressed each day for the themes below. Prizes will be awarded so leave your inhibitions at home, get creative & have fun!

MONDAY: Groovy 70’s
We’re flashing back to the 70’s – a funky time of peace, love, tie-dies, long hair, braids, afro hair styles, bell-bottom jeans, macrame belts, go-go boots, beads, sandals, long flowing tops…get groovy!

TUESDAY: Fake an Injury Day
When do you get to “plan” your own injury? Think make-up, bandages, splints and anything else you can imagine -- black-eyes, stitches, head injury bandages, broken bones.


Blue vs. Orange – Wear your field day t-shirt (to be provided by the school) & get ready for some fun competition at Lakewood Park!

THURSDAY: Multiplicity Day
The more the merrier!! Try to get as many people as possible to dress alike - 2, 3,4….or even 10! That will certainly turn heads in the hall!

FRIDAY: Fashion Disaster
Raid your closet & drawers to pull together the worst outfit you can imagine! Tacky, wacky, weird, inside out, backwards – anything goes!! This is one day you want your parents to say “You’re wearing THAT to school?”

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