Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MPA family bowling event

Event coordinator:  Dawn Watson (

Date/Time:   Nov. 5, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.

Location:  Mahall’s 20 Lanes.  Lakewood, Ohio

Cost:  Families to pay own costs
            $2.50 per person per game
            $2.00 per person per shoe rental
Refreshments: Each family to bring an item to share with a request of no peanut or nuts.  Each family to only bring one item (those with 2 or more students, just pick one item to bring). These items can all be purchased for $3.00.  Bridget Ryan to supply paper plates and serving spoons.

            1st grade parents:  Chips/pretzels
            2nd grade parents:  Store bought/homemade  dip
            3rd grade parents:   Chips/pretzels etc
            4th grade parents:   Dozen Dessert/cookies etc
            5th – 7th grade parents:  Dozen Dessert/cookies etc

Event description:   Mahall’s 20 lanes is a vintage bowling alley.  The prices per game are the lowest in the area.  They are reserving the lower alley which has 10 lanes for MPA.  Each lane can accommodate 6 bowlers.  They also have a party room which they will allow MPA to use, and bring in outside food.  All drinks/beverages must be purchased at Mahall’s.  Food/snacks will be supplied by each  family. 

Contact Info:   Mahall’s 20 Lanes.  (216) 521-3280

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