Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Everyday Contributions

Box Tops:  There is currently a bonus program at Giant Eagle.  Buy 10 of ANY product that has a Box Tops on it and get 50 bonus Box Tops.  The bonus prints out at the register.  If it does not, go to customer service to get it!  Don't eat cereal?  BoxTops are on many products, including non food items.  Boise office/copy paper, Avery products, Ziploc, Scott, Kleenex, Brita filters are some non food lines.  Other products are Land O Lakes Butter, Green Giant, Yoplait yogurt packs, and of course, General Mills foods.
Campbell's Labels for Education:  Here are some products other than soup in the program:  V8 juice (send in the cap), Bic pens, Post foods, Spaghettios, and Dannon kid's yogurts.
The GFS program only has 3 people registered for Menlo!!  I think there have to be more people who shop there.  Their program does not send a check unless enough money is earned with the Fun Funds in the quarter or half of the year.
Coke Rewards:  Anyone looking to earn volunteer hours can contact Lynn Wilson in the office to get the log in information for Coke Rewards, pick up the many caps and package pieces, and enter them.  They are accumulating in the collection bin.
Tyson Labels:  Don't overlook Tyson Labels from the packages of Tyson chicken!  They are worth 24 cents each!  Send them in with the other labels.
Juice pouches:  DO NOT SEND THESE IN!! Especially keep away from other labels so they don't get wet and sticky!  Very messy!  Menlo does not use this program due to the bug attraction of the sticky juice and mess they make. 

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