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MPA Newsletter, 1/4/2012

Development Information:

We now have more than $48,000 pledged to our Annual Appeal from about half of our families. This money is vital to the continued operation of the school, and it benefits all of our students.  So if you've already pledged, THANK YOU!!!!!  And if you haven't, what's the hold-up?  Remember, we're interested in donations of any amount, and you don't have to send in money at this point, just the pledge form.  If you would like to send in money now, remember that MPA can accept checks, or donations can be made via PayPal.  Just click here  to make a pledge.

We're starting to plan a fundraiser golf scramble to be held in September - would you like to help?  If you'd be interested in chairing the event, please contact   We have several experienced folks who can help with this event, but need someone to come forward and chair the event.

Also, please remember that the Scrip gift card orders are due by January 25th, for delivery during the first week of February.

Student Information:

Some notes on the updated dress-down day payment procedure:
  • Each Wednesday, parents should send $1 with each student participating in dress-down day that week.   It will make things easier if the money is sent in via an envelope with the student's name on the outside.  You are also welcome to send in $20 per child to cover all the weeks remaining in the school year.
  • Teachers will collect this money directly from students in class, so each student needs money for his or her own dress-down day (don't send in money with one student for all siblings).  
  • Each week teachers will keep track of which students participate in dress-down day and whether they paid that week.  We will be following up with the parents of students who dressed down without paying.  Parents may be called and asked to bring in uniform clothes for students who repeatedly dress down without paying.
  • A portion of the funds from dress-down days will be used to support a charity chosen by the student council.
  • If you have any questions about the changes to the dress-down day procedures, please contact
Several MPA teachers are now using the power of technology to help parents keep in touch with what's going on in their classrooms.  On you can follow @mpatech to see what's going on in the technology classrooms.  Our first grade teachers are tweeting, too, using the names @MPA1A (Mr. Thompson) and @MPA1B (Mrs. Schroeder).  Check them out!

Anybody's kids work on their dance moves over the break?  That could be because the middle school dance is Friday, January 6th, from 6-10pm.  It's open to students in grades 5-8, and admission is $2 at the door.  Thanks to the student council for organizing this event!

Don't feel left out, lower school students!  We're having a FREE movie after school for students in K-4th grade on Friday, January 13th, from 3:30-6pm.  Come watch Mr. Popper's Penguins, munch on popcorn and pretzels, and hang out with your friends!  We'll be meeting in the gym after school, so feel free to bring along a PillowPet or other comfy item to lounge around on.  Parents, please fill out the form here so we know you're aware your child will be staying after school that day.  See you there!

Mark your calendar - the annual State of the School meeting will be held Thursday, January 12th at 6:30 pm. It's a great time to check out the school's academic and financial progress, find out what the volunteer teams are working on, and connect with other parents. This is an event for MPA parents - most of our students and siblings will not have the interest or patience to sit quietly throughout the meeting.  We are arranging to have limited child care available, but please make your own sitter arrangements if possible.

Want to help keep our enrollment strong in the coming year?  Steer prospective families toward our Open House on January 8, 2012, from 1-3pm.  After the preferred re-enrollment period ended last year, we still have openings in every grade except 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  So let your friends know - there's plenty of room for their gifted kids next year at MPA!  Open enrollment for new families runs from January 8-20th.

Put your thinking caps on - the MPA science fair will be Jan. 18-19, 2012.  We're holding the lower school and middle school events on different days, so please read the information below carefully to make sure your child's project shows up at school at the right date and time!  If you would like to volunteer to judge either day but haven't contacted the school, please contact to volunteer for the younger grades or for the middle school fair.
  • The K-4th grade science fair is Wednesday, January 18th.  Please discuss the project requirements with your child's teacher - the youngest kids are doing group projects in class rather than individual projects.  Parents and students can deliver individual projects to the gym during car line that morning.  The projects will be open for viewing from 10am - 1pm, then will be judged in the afternoon.
  • The 5th-8th grade science fair is Thursday, January 19th.   Students should dress in full school uniform or appropriate "business" attire to make their presentations to the judges.   Parents and students can deliver individual projects to the gym during car line that morning.  Judging will be held in the morning.  The projects will be open for viewing from 12-2:30pm.  The awards ceremony will be held at 2:30pm on the 19th.

Volunteer Information:

Friday, January 6th, we will be rewarding the students of all the volunteers from our Browns' concession stand - with a lunchtime pizza party!  If you worked at the concession stand this year, your child will be able to enjoy a pizza lunch that day on us.  Thanks again for all of your time and effort to make our school a better place!  And a special thank-you goes out to the volunteers who braved the cold and crowds to work the stand on New Year's Day.  You're awesome!  Browns Hall of Fame Volunteers are:  Browns Concession Stand Coordinator, Chris Harrison,  Development Volunteer Team Lead Jessica Tonsing and Development Coordinator Tanya Reno,  Parents of:  Jack & Alexandra Harrison, Brian & Mikey Smith, Max Tonsing, Ella Kazazic, Taryn Ebright, Karthik O'Neil, Will Gonzalez, Louis Fetting, Erin Lavinder, Grant and Paige Gibeault, Hazen Dean, Ian, Kathleen & Megan O'Donnell, Mara Jane Somerville, Nicholas Doughman, Kris Payne, Teresa Szczenski, Jason Hahn, Nadia & Natasha Didytch, Hannah Mitchell, Brian Mingus, Katie Fritz, Alayna Wynne, Emily Atkins,  Patrick & Deirdre O'Malley, Lilyana Gundayao, Isabel & David Veloso, Oona Beach, Olivia Schauss, Danny Alberts, Tyler Brooks.  Faculty and staff who helped out:  Courtney Timko (and husband Joe), Nancy Colby, Douglas Thompson and Ashley Schroeder (and husband Ryan).  THANK YOU!

Calendar Highlights:
  • Jan. 6, 2012 (Friday) - Pizza lunch for children of volunteers from Browns' concession stand; Dance for students in 5th-8th grades, 6-10pm
  • Jan. 8, 2012 - Open house for prospective families, 1-3pm
  • Jan. 12, 2012 (Thursday) - State of the School meeting at MPA, 6:30pm
  • Jan. 13, 2012 (Friday) - Lower School after-school movie, 3:30-6pm
  • Jan. 18, 2012 (Wednesday) - MPA lower school science fair (open for viewing 10am-1pm)
  • Jan. 19, 2012 (Thursday) - MPA middle school science fair (open for viewing 12-2:30pm)
  • Feb. 23, 2012 - "From the Heart" school concert and fundraising auction
  • Feb. 27 - March 2, 2012 - Save the date for the MPA Scholastic Book Fair  

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  1. Its good to hear that even school or college students are also getting involved in Charity Fundraising Events