Thursday, July 28, 2011

Does your student qualify for busing?

Sorry, we can’t answer that question for you – but here’s what we know:
Busing is coordinated by the local school districts our students would attend if they weren’t enrolled at MPA.  In order for your school district to provide busing, MPA must be within a 30-minute bus ride from the district and there must be a minimum number of students from that district attending the school.  Last year, the districts which provided  busing included AvonAvon LakeWestlake, Sheffield, North Ridgeville, and Olmsted Falls.  Since enrollment from each district changes every year, past busing is no guarantee of service for the following year.
Please contact your local school district’s busing or transportation department directly to inquire whether busing will be available for your child this year.  If you are still in need of busing assistance, please call MPA and speak with Nancy Colby, our student data administrator.  Nancy has extensive experience in the transportation department of a Westside school district and can give you further information regarding how to communicate with your district.  

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