Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who needs a background check?

The policy of Menlo Park Academy is to require all adults volunteering directly with students to be chaperoned by a staff member or teacher unless the adult has undergone a background check (BCI).  That means that if you want to chaperone a field trip, teach an elective, or even volunteer for playground duty, you should complete a BCI.  We’d like to have as many parents as possible available to volunteer, so please consider completing the BCI even if you don’t currently plan to work directly with students.  You never know when you might change your mind!
Returning volunteers are in luck – BCIs don’t need to be renewed each year, so if you’ve already had one run it is still valid.  But parents of new students – and other adults who have not volunteered directly with students in the past – need to have the background check completed.
There are a variety of locations which offer this service, including many local police departments.  Menlo Park Academy has had good luck with receiving BCIs quickly from the following companies:
- Security Hut Inc., 18614 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107  216-226-0461  M-F 9am – 5pm
- Confidential Solutions, 14701 Detroit Avenue #256, Cleveland, OH 44107 216-228-3394  T-F 10am – 5pm
One final note: if your family is new to the school and you have a completed BCI that is less than a year old, you can apply on the Ohio Attorney General’s website to have a certified copy sent to MPA: .  The cost is $8 for the copy.  Please make certain to have it sent directly to MPA.

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