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MPA Weekly Update - 12/13/12

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Awards Assemblies
Office Communication
Dates to Remember
Shop with Scrips Sunday by 7pm - Update
Re-enrollment Deadline
Winter Concert Roundup
STEM Career Night
Science Fair Schedule
Annual Fund
Winter Policies
Board of Directors Pages
Log your volunteer hours online 

Your time is appreciated! Please log your current volunteer hours online, either on the netbook near the sign-in at school, or at home.  We are not using the paper logs to record your hours anymore - all hours MUST be entered into the computer if you want credit for them!

Any hours you put in the paper log over the summer or earlier this year WILL be entered for you - you just need to enter your CURRENT hours.
Middle School Dance   January 11, 2013           
Student council is planning a new years dance for grades 5-8 on January 11 from 6:30-8:30 pm.  The theme is "Wishes for a New Year."   Light refreshments will be served.  Ticket price is $2.00 at the door.  These funds will support student council initiatives and allow for an end of year dance that will be free of charge.  
Girl Scouts
Thank you to MPA for their Support of Scouting.  The girls have had a great start this school year, working on badges and learning about the community.  A few quick updates and reminders for members of Girl Scout Troop 70029:
  • 12/17 Last meeting until the New Year
  • 12/21 COOKIE SALES Start--- An order sheet will be in the teacher's lounge for those wanting to order. $3.50 box, same flavors as last year.
  • First meetings next year will be held 1/7/13 and 2/4/13.
Any 4th or 5th Grader interested in scouting can contact Sara George at
Academic Excellence and Student Recognition Assemblies                     
Congratulations to all of our students on their performance during our first grading trimester.  If you were unable to attend the assemblies held Monday to recognize specific achievements, you can find a list of the Honor Roll and Merit Roll students here.
School Communication
Or, "What do we do when Mrs. Wilson is on maternity leave?!?"
While the MPA community has been waiting with breathless anticipation for the arrival of Mrs. Wilson's baby, she's been training her fabulous replacement.
Here are the important facts you need to know about communicating with the office while Mrs. Wilson is on maternity leave (which could be any day now):
- Ms. Julie Kovalik will be filling in at the front desk.  She can be reached at
Please don't forget to include/copy her on information Mrs. Wilson would normally receive.  
- Please remember when e-mailing or leaving voicemail for Mrs. Kovalik that you'll need to include YOUR name, your CHILD'S name, your child's GRADE and
TEACHER, and a PHONE NUMBER where you can be reached.  This will help make sure she's got all the information she needs for things like sick days, absences, etc.
Your help in being thorough in relaying information will make the transition easier.  Thank you in advance for your patience as we adjust to the transition.
Boosters Meeting 
Our next Boosters Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 20th, at 6pm at MPA.  Come by to help plan some of the fun events we coordinate for the school!
FYI: Dates to Remember

12/13 - Thursday - Board Meeting at MPA, 6pm
12/20 - Thursday - Boosters Meeting at 6pm
12/21 - Friday - MS Science Fair workshop after school; MPA Basketball Team vs. Parents game, Westpark YMCA, 4:45pm
12/24 - 1/1 - Winter Break
1/2 - Teacher Inservice - No school for students
1/7 - 1/18 - Open Enrollment for incoming new students
1/9 - Wednesday - STEM Career Night for grades 5-8
1/11 - Friday - MS Science Fair workshop after school; MS dance 6:30-8:30 pm
2/8 - Friday - MS Science Fair workshop after school
2/22 - Friday - MS Science Fair workshop after school
2/23 - Saturday - Menlo Park Family Night/Monsters Hockey Game
Shop with Scrips Sunday by 7pm 
This Sunday, December 16th, is the deadline for submitting orders for actual gift cards to be delivered this year.  ScripNow! and gift card reloads can be purchased and redeemed at any time, but you MUST order those stocking stuffers and thank-you gifts by 7pm on Sunday to have them sent home before break.  Make sure to check the Scrip program website to learn about the current offers that earn additional funds for our school.  Participating right now in the bonus program are stores like Home Depot, Build-A-Bear, Applebees, L.L.Bean, Red Robin, Starbucks, and many, many more!
Mohican Trip    Grade 6, May 6-10, 2013
Our 6th Grade Mohican trip was scheduled last spring due to  popularity of the program. There is a conflict with the last day of this adventure which ends, Friday May 10 at 11:00 am.  It so happens this is also a teacher inservice day.  We know that sometimes parents use inservice days to plan family trips and other activities, so we wanted to assure you that parents may pick their child up early from Mohican if they have made plans for that day.  Please contact Janeth Eby, if you need to make alternative arrangements.  
Weekly Update - 12/13/12
Quick Links
Re-enrollment and Sibling Enrollment Deadline - Dec. 14th,
Complete the paperwork before priority enrollment ends!  

If you have not yet re-enrolled your current MPA student for next year, time is running out!!! Here are the links you'll need:
Re-enrollment form

The $100 material fee deposit can also be submitted by check - just make sure you note on the check that it's for the 2013/2014 school year, and the name of the student(s) for whom you are paying - and put it in an envelope marked "Nancy Colby - Admissions."

If you would like to newly enroll the sibling of a current student, please contact to get the 2-page form that must be submitted with qualifying test scores and the material fee deposit by December 14, 2012.  Any classroom slots that are still available after re-enrollment ends on December 14th will be open to the public at large during Open Enrollment in January.

** Please note that MPA has been piloting the online enrollment process during our re-inrollment period. This link will be removed when re-enrollment ends on 12/14, so that we may gauge its effectiveness.  When open enrollment begins, a link to the new student enrollment forms and procedures will be made available.
Winter Concert Roundup
Thanks for making this such a success!
Last Friday, December 7, Menlo Park Academy's Winter Concert Fundraiser raised $7,413 for our operations budget. A special thanks to Cathy Aldrich, Amanda Ross, Ramona Boggins, Willie Little-John and Melissa Adair for helping to make the event a success!  From program layout to organizing the baskets, this team made it happen.
Also, a HUGE thank you all those who helped facilitate the pasta dinner, organize intermission snacks, and provide spirit wear! What a wonderful addition to be able to eat before the show.  None of it could have been done without Jessica Tonsing and the Boosters team.  They truly made the events go off without a hitch:

Thanks to:
Pam Elliot
Mary Carroccio
Rachel Didytch
Edith Hess
Christina Johns
Renee Krohn
Kathleen Dillon
Janie Zell
Students: Emily Carroccio, Kaela Ryan & Alexandria Harrison

Obviously an event such as this takes a huge amount of individuals (before, during, and after) to make it work.  If you contributed in anyway to making this night memorable for students, MPA thanks you!
Girls' Basketball 

The schedule for our new Girls Basketball team is now available.  Make sure you stop by to cheer on the Wizards! schedule
Scholastic Art Awards 
Four Students Submit Work
The Scholastic Art Awards are a National Exhibition of student artists in grades 7-12.  Four of our Menlo artists have submitted artwork to the exhibition this year.  If selected, their works of art will be on display at the Cleveland Institute of Art, with the chance to be awarded a national prize, moving their art to NYC for the National Exhibition.  We will know next week whether any work was selected.

The artists are:
Emily Carroccio, 7th grade
Alex Whitman, 7th grade
Nick Hiti, 8th grade
Lexi Harrison, 7th grade

Visit the MPA Blog to see the works they submitted.  Best of luck to them all in the competition!
STEM Career Night
The second annual MPA STEM Career Night will be Wednesday, January 9 from 6:30-8 pm! STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We have a great panel of speakers lined up representing a wide range of science-related careers. There will be a series of short presentations followed by free-form Q&A sessions.  Science-related goodies will be available for students who are active participants in discussion. Career Night is an informal way for students to discover the promise of a technical career and steps to get there.  Please join us for a fun AND educational evening.
Science Fair and Invention Convention
Schedule is in place

This year's fair will be held in St. Mel's hall on Friday, January 25th. Both middle and lower school fairs will be held on the same day. Below is the schedule for the day:

8-8:30      Students drop off their boards 
8:30 - 2    Students go to regular classes 
9 - 1:30    Students walk through in shifts and look at projects
1:00         Judges for both lower and middle school arrive. Separate judges meetings with Mrs. Eby (middle school) and Mrs. Fredmonsky (lower school)
1:15 - 2    Pre-judging of projects by judges
2 - 3         Students stand by their boards and talk to judges
3:15         Lower school students go home, middle school students participating in science fair attend science show in gym
4 - 4:45    Awards ceremony for middle school science fair students (parents welcome)
3rd Grade Students will receive awards in a smaller class ceremony the following week.
Please contact if you'd like to volunteer to help unload students in the morning, set up and watch over the fair during the day, or clean up once the event is over.  This is a wonderful opportunity to complete volunteer hours and be a part of an exciting educational activity.  Please consider volunteering.
Annual Fund
Have you made a donation yet?
What You Do Matters and what your funds do, matters as well.  The annual fund allows Menlo Park Academy to address the diverse learning needs of our gifted students.  It helps MPA provide high quality teachers, allows access to technology, increases creative programming and so much more.  Please consider contributing to our annual fund. With your help we can achieve our goal of 100% participation! Please note that many businesses offer employer match donations to educational nonprofits. Be sure to check with your human resources representative to see if your company has a donation matching program in place.
Winter Policies  

Just a couple quick reminders for parents as we enter the season of slightly chilly weather at recess:
  • Students play outside at recess unless conditions warrant the need for indoor recess.  Recess will be outdoors at 25 degrees and above.
  • Children may only stay inside during recess due to illness or injury with a doctor's note. 
Please remind your children to bundle up in the cold! If they can't zip or button their jackets practicing at home can be helpful.  They can also ask an adult for help at school.  And please make sure your child is wearing weather-appropriate clothing (i.e. tights or leggings under skirts, warm pants) when they come to school.

PLEASE - remind your children to keep their coats on during recess!

Regarding "Snow Days," our policy is this:  If the Cleveland Metropolitan School District schools are closed, Menlo Park Academy will be closed. We may also close at other times if the School Director deems it necessary.

All parents should exercise their judgment regarding transporting their children to school. If you feel the weather is too severe, or road conditions too dangerous, please keep your child(ren) at home. The school recommends that parents monitor iAlert (Channel 3) or Fox 8 (Channel 8) for school closings.

There may be special circumstances under which the school needs to be closed and we need to contact the families. We will send an URGENT email message and post the information on our web site in these circumstances.
Weekly Website Highlights 
Board of Directors pages

This week's website highlight is information that can be found at you've ever wondered who is on the board, what they do, when the meetings are held, or what is discussed at the meetings, this is the place to check!
If you have any specific questions or feedback about the new site, please  
Be sure to bookmark the new site and delete your old link.
Information can be submitted via email to: for review and inclusion in the weekly update. Submissions are subject to Director approval.

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