Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arts Fair - A Great Success!

The 1st Annual Menlo Park Academy Arts Fair was held April 10, 2011 and was a wonderful time for all! Created to highlight the students talents in the arts, specifically the visual arts and performance, the event was created and run by a small team of parent volunteers co-chaired by Melanie Nealis and Jill Milenski and supported by Ms. DeCapite (art teacher) and Ms. Leib (music teacher).

Adults and children listened intently to the youthful sounds of 24 musicians performing on piano, violin, trumpet, drums, flute and voice throughout the building, hallways, library and the gym stage. Crowds could also be found gathered around a dancer, poet, and some hip hop dancers/musicians.

"Wax Figure Artists" were stationed throughout the school in a "frozen" position" until you drop a coin into their box. They would then come alive and tell you something about themselves and give you the opportunity to guess who they were portraying. These students had chosen to research and dress up as a famous artist or composer and included artists such as Leonardo da Vinci.

Artwork from all art classes and electives were beautifully arranged throughout the building and is still on display for all who visit the school. The day came to an end with an ice cream social and many smiles. Plans are already underway for the next years event with hopes to incorporate the "Wax Figure Artist" element into the school's curriculum and involve even more students.

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