Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Menlo Newsletter - we need your help!

Dear parents, volunteers, and educators:

Great things are happening at Menlo!  The problem is, no one knows about them!  Let's get the word out.  Gretchen Woods is trying to get out a newsletter for Menlo sometime very soon.  Could you please give us a short paragraph about what's happening on your volunteer team, and upcoming event, a need you have, something great that you received a donation for, etc????
We can get it formatted, proof it, and make it look great ..............And you get the credit for your teams submission...........just give us some text to work with.  Keep it simple and short -- you don't need to write more than a paragraph.  If you need to give more info we can create a link for people to click on and get more information or download a brochure, etc.  (golf scramble)

Connie Lindemann
Operations Director
Menlo Park Academy
14440 Triskett Road
Cleveland, OH  44111

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