Friday, April 1, 2011

Stand up for Gifted Children in Ohio!

State Budget Impact on Gifted Education Funding/Hearings Scheduled for April 6 and April 8

Yes, Menlo Park Academy has gifted all day, every day; however, 1) charter school funding may be at risk, and 2) many of our children will rely on public high schools after MPA. We all need to take action and advocate for our children's future!

The executive budget for education has folded district gifted funding into the basic aid formula, essentially wiping out dedicated gifted funding to districts for gifted children. The Ohio House will be hearing testimony on special education, career technical and gifted education on April 6 in Room 116 at 2:30 at the Statehouse. The committee will be hear all public testimony on Friday, April 8 in Room 114.

For more information about how you can testify or to contact your legislators about these cuts, please go to

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